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Menues- Saison 2013/2014

Menue A: Potato and coconut cream soup
Chicken Breast Fillet on glazed carrots
Vanilla Ice with pumpkin seed oil
Menue B: Tomatosalad
Franconian Sausages with sauerkraut
Baked Apple doughnouts with cinnamon sugar SP
Menue C: Bouillon with fade noodles
Filled Bamberg Onion with mashed potatoes
Chocolat Pudding with cream SP
Menue D: Bouillon with pancake stripes
Chrispy shoulder of pork in Bamberger smoked-beer sauce
warm cabbage and potatoe dumplings SP
Red fruit jelly
Menue E: Gourmet Salad
Juicy goulash of beef, basilcreamsauce
Glazed carotts, colorful nudles
Panna Cotta Ice cream with peach slices
Menue F: Tomato soup with cream
Crunchy Escalope of pork sprinklet
French fries, vegetables of the season
Pear Helena
Menue G: Melon with franconian raw ham
Roast Veal with Dill sauce
Vegetables and damped potatoes
Breezy Chocolat nut cake
Naturally you can have menus with fish in the maincourse or you can change the maincourst to an other menue.
SP = Specility Water and bread on the table
Places free:
More than 20 guests – 1 place free
More than 40 guests – 2 places free etc.
VAT, 19%, and service charge is included!