The Old Town

UNESCO World Heritage since 1993

The venerable imperial city and bishop's town was built upon seven hills just like Rome. Towered above by the imperial cathedral Bamberg shows a listed ensemble piece of world heritage between medieval Times and bourgeois baroque. The consistently preserved Old Town encloses three historical city centres: mountain town, island town and gardener's town.

The cathedral Saint Peter and Saint Georg belongs to the imperial cathedrals and is the dominating building of the Old Town with his four towers. Inside of the cathedral you can visit the famous Bamberger rider, the grave of the canonised imperial pair of the holy Roman empire, Heinrich II and Kunigunde, as well as with the grave pope Clemens II, which is in fact the sole grave of a pope in Germany.

The whole cathedral place with the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral, the splendid corner construction of the baroque new residence and the old royal household with elements from late medieval Ages and Renaissance is spectacular. Other attractions of the Old Town are the "bridge city hall" washed around by the river Regnitz, the rose garden with a great view at the Old Town and towards the cloister Saint Michael, the tanner's houses next to the old canal, the mill quarter and the fishing settlement called "Little Venice".