Vogler's game reserve

Vogler's game reserve is located in the idyllic village of Reichenbach between Stadtsteinach and Presseck.

The 14-hectare reserve was created in 1983 and has been expanded and upgraded over time.

The reserve is home to two species of deer; fallow deer and red deer. The varied landscape and vegetation with meadows, wooded slopes and the small pond make the game reserve an attractive spot for keen photographers, animal- and bird-watching and hiking. Whether you visit on a Sunday outing with the family or just to enjoy pristine nature, the animals look forward to your visit and to feeding time!

Rent a farmhouse in Reichenbach.
For more information, please phone 09 51/9 55 22 0.


♦ Buy chestnuts and acorns in autumn

Chestnuts €0.20/kg and acorns €0.20/kg

♦ Deer calling

♦ Fallow deer rut in October

♦ Automatic feeder in the reserve

Game meat for sale - all year round from the reserve and from the wild on request

Hotel Brudermühle
Schranne 1
96049 Bamberg
Georg Vogler
Tel.: 09 51/9 55 22 0
Mobile: 01 72/7 74 95 80
Fax: 09 51/9 55 22 0


♦ Specialities of roe deer, fallow deer, black and red deer from our reserve and from the wild.

♦ Whole and half cuts of meat: back, leg, shoulder, rolled roast, venison salami;

♦ Try our recipes for calorie-conscious gourmets on request!